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Fiberglass Form-Tie System

Say goodbye to corrosion.

Easier to use and less expensive than traditional steel form ties.

Never rusts.


Completely eliminates corrosion.

Electromagnetically transparent.

Stronger than steel.

Fiberglass Rebar

Corrosion resistance, lightweight,
electromagnetically neutral,
and a thermal insulator.


Fast, efficient sealing of joined
reinforcing bars.

Joint Free Slabs

Uniformly dissipate the effects of drying shrinkage.

Eliminate all traditional formed and sawn shrinkage control joints.

Welcome to RJD Industries

RJD Industries provides an array of innovative engineered products and solutions that eliminate the intrusion of rust/corrosion and reduce overall costs for concrete forming, concrete paving, reinforcement, and slab construction. RJD Industries’ products are readily available worldwide through a network of qualified, quality distributors of concrete accessories. Full technical services are available from distributors, a network of factory representatives, and directly from the manufacturer.


Perfect for Board Form Concrete


Fiberglass C.I.P. Form-Tie System – Patented

SuperTie™ Fiberglass Form-Tie Patented Systems are used to secure concrete formwork during concrete placement and initial hydration, without the inherent limitations and rusting of previously popular steel form-tie systems. RJD SuperTie™ can be manufactured in a broad array of colors. The RJD fiberglass tie will never rust; therefore no break-back removal or snap-tie cone patching is ever required, creating superior architectural finishes. There’s a significant reduction of wall-forming labor costs when using the SuperTie™ fiberglass form-tie system, and it works well with any hand-set wall form to crane-set gang form systems.

“Fiberglass ties are faster — saving time and money. By far better than the snap tie, inner rod and she bolt systems that our company previously used.”

— Rick Mitchell, Job Supt., DiCarlo Construction

SuperTie™ Smooth Rod Series

Available in 6K System (6,000 lbs. ultimate strength) and 15K System (15,000 lbs. ultimate strength).

SuperTie™ Coil Rod Series

Available in 15K System (15,000 lbs. ultimate strength), 24K System (24,000 lbs. ultimate strength), and 34K System (34,000 lbs. ultimate strength).

SuperTie™ Introductory Video

Watch our introductory video about the SuperTie system.

SuperTie™ 6k and 15k Install Video

Watch how easy it is to install the SuperTie system.

SuperTie™ Installation Animation

View our detailed installation animation.

Other Innovative Solutions


Noncorrosive “Hi-Strength” Dowel Bar System

Our Patented fiberglass dowel-bar system is intended for heavy highway concrete paving or floor slabs. FiberDowel™ will never corrode and is just as strong as, if not stronger than, its steel alternative. In construction of concrete slabs, expansion and contraction joints are purposely positioned in the slab where cracks in, or movement of, the slab will occur. Coatings on steel dowels only forestall corrosion, while RJD FiberDowel™ eliminates it. Plus, the specifically engineered material properties make FiberDowel™ an electrical and thermal insulator. FiberDowel™ is also electromagnetically transparent, a valuable attribute in some applications.


Mechanical Rebar Splice Corrosion Protector

This Patented protector is primarily used for mechanical splice reinforcement systems for black-bar or epoxy-coated rebar systems. SpliceSeal™ is used in any concrete structure, bridge, or heavy highway paving. Specially engineered composite materials allow for fast and efficient sealing of joined reinforcing bars, lapped, welded, or joined with mechanical couplers, without the use of volatile epoxy coatings. SpliceSeal™ does not contain hazardous wastes that require disposal and is approved by most US DOT and Canadian Government Engineering divisions.

Fiberglass Rebar

GFRP – Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Rebar

Fiberglass Reinforcing Bar offers corrosion resistance. It is lightweight, electromagnetically neutral, and a thermal insulator. Possible applications include structures exposed to deicing salts, seawater, or other corrosive agents, weight or thermally-sensitive projects, projects that require electromagnetic neutrality, and tunneling/boring applications. Fiberglass Reinforcing Bar is stocked in 20-foot lengths in sizes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8.

Joint Free Slabs

Micro Crack Inducer for Applied-Finish Floor Slabs

Joint Free Slabs use an engineered plastic grid to induce a closely spaced network of fine cracks throughout the entire length and breadth of large-area slabs on grade, and thereby eliminate all traditional formed and sawn shrinkage-control joints. The principal objective with Joint Free Slabs is to dissipate the effects of drying shrinkage as uniformly as possible in the form of fine cracks throughout the entire area of the slab, which do not adversely affect applied surface finishes.