SuperTie™ CRFF 1000

1 inch-rod.

34,000 pounds tensile strength.

Compatible with most commercial forming systems.

SuperTie™ CRFF 1000

Eliminate rust stains.

Eliminate patching.

SuperTie™ Patented Coil Rod Series

SuperTie™ patented fiberglass form-tie systems are used to secure concrete formwork during concrete placement and initial hydration, without the inherent limitations of previously popular steel form-tie systems. SuperTie™ systems eliminate the possibility of rust stains, as well as the structural deterioration often caused by failure of patching for steel form-tie holes.

SuperTie™ CRFF 1000 (1”)

SuperTie™ Coil Rod Form Fixture 1” offers an ultimate tensile strength of 34,000 pounds (17,000 pounds safe working load at 2:1 safety factor) and is most commonly used with job-built (plywood and 2×4) forms and handset modular forms. The fiberglass rod diameter is 1” making the system compatible with most commercial forming systems.

SuperTie™ Bearing Plate BP300

The Bearing Plate is a required component with the SuperTie Coil Rod Form Fixture. The BP300 is a 5”x5” steel plate with a 1 1/8”-diameter hole and fits the 3/4” and 1” Coil Rod.

Non-Corrosive Fiberglass Coil Rod

RJD Fiberglass Coil Rod (1”) utilizes a specially blended and formulated custom-engineered resin, made in the USA, combining ultimate tensile strength and the RJD Form Fixture (CRFF) strength. (Do not use any non-RJD engineered rod with RJD grippers; this could result in form failure and/or injury.) RJD Fiberglass Coil Rod will never rust, eliminating the need for breakback, plugging, and patching and allowing for superior architectural finishes.


CR1000 1″-dia. FRP Coil Rod,
34,000 lbs. ultimate strength,
9’8″ lengths, grey color.
As Ordered 4.5 lbs. per 8′
  ***Also available in 4’8″, 4’10” and 5′.***    
CRFF1000 Form Fixture As Ordered 2.5 lbs. per each
BP300 Bearing Plate As Ordered 2.1 lbs. per each

Standard CRFF 1000 Rod Color: Grey.

For custom rod lengths and/or custom colors, please call for quote and lead times.

Always use 2:1 safety factor when engineering tie spacings; refer to the ACI-suggested tie spacing noted in the SuperTie Installation Guide.

SuperTie Systems are sold exclusively through quality construction materials dealers. Call for the name of the dealer nearest you.