SuperTie™ Smooth Rod

Fiberglass Form-Tie System

Say goodbye to corrosion forever. Easier to use, saves time, and less expensive than traditional steel form ties.

SuperTie™ Smooth Rod

for superior
architectural finishes

SuperTie™ Smooth Rod

Residential & Commercial

SuperTie™ Patented Smooth Rod and Gripper

Eliminate corrosion and rust stains while reducing man-hours and costs.

Superior Concrete Wall Form-Tie System

SuperTie™ patented fiberglass form-tie systems are used to secure concrete formwork during concrete placement and initial hydration, without the inherent limitations and rusting of previously popular steel form-tie systems. RJD SuperTie™ can be manufactured in a broad array of colors. The RJD fiberglass tie will never rust, therefore no breakback removal or snap-tie cone patching is ever required, creating superior architectural finishes. There’s a significant reduction of wall-forming labor costs when using the SuperTie™ fiberglass form-tie system, and it works well with anything from handset wall forms to crane-set gang-form systems.

US Patent #7,819,388

SuperTie™ 6K (.308” Rod) GND6000

SuperTie™ 6K Patented Gripper System offers an ultimate tensile strength of 6,000 pounds (3,000 pounds safe working load at 2:1 safety factor) and is most commonly used with job-built (plywood and 2×4) forms and handset modular forms. The fiberglass rod diameter is only .308 inches, making the system compatible with most commercial forming systems.

SuperTie™ 15K (.5” Rod) GND15000

SuperTie™ 15K Patented Gripper System offers an ultimate tensile strength of 15,000 pounds (7,500 safe working load at 2:1 safety factor). This system’s greater strength makes it attractive to those who need heavier forms and higher concrete placement rates. The .500-inch-diameter rod can be used with many commercially available forms.

Non-Corrosive Fiberglass Smooth Rod

RJD Fiberglass Smooth Rod utilizes a specially blended and formulated custom-engineered resin, made in the USA, combining ultimate tensile strength and maximizing the RJD Gripper strength. (Do not use any non-RJD engineered rod with RJD grippers; this could result in form failure and/or injury.) RJD Fiberglass Smooth Rod will never rust, eliminating the need for breakback, plugging, and patching and allowing for superior architectural finishes. RJD Fiberglass Smooth Rod is offered in .308”, 0.50”, and 1” diameters with a selection of colors available for each size.

RJD Fiberglass Smooth Rod Colors:
.308” Rod: Grey, tan, white, black, and brown
0.50” Rod: Grey and black

SuperTie™ Smooth Rod Accessories

SpreaderClip™ (.308” & .5”) SC6000 & SC15000

The SpreaderClip™ is an internal form-spreading mechanism facilitating .308” or 0.50” RJD Fiberglass Rod cut to exact wall width.

WaterStop™ (.308”, .5”, 1”)

WaterStop™ is used when specifications require a waterstop washer. Although this device is made available, certified tests show that SuperTie™ performs equally well with or without WaterStop™.

SuperTie™ Bearing Plate BP615

The Bearing Plate is a required component with the SuperTie™ Gripper. BP615 is a 4”x4” steel plate that fits the 6K and 15K systems. G50K comes with customized bearing plate (call for details).