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No volatile epoxy coatings,
no hazardous wastes.

Concrete Reinforcing Protector System


Patented SpliceSeal™ protector is our reinforcement-protection system for reinforcing bar primarily for mechanical splice reinforcement systems for black bar or epoxy coated rebar systems used in any concrete structure, bridges, or heavy highway paving. Specially engineered composite materials, “Shrink Tube,” allows for fast and efficient sealing of joined reinforcing bars, lapped, welded, or joined with mechanical couplers without the use of volatile epoxy coatings. SpliceSeal™ does not contain hazardous wastes that require disposal. Approved by most US DOT and Canadian Government Engineering divisions.

Benefits of SpliceSeal:

  • SpliceSeal™ eliminates the need to thoroughly clean joints, mix epoxy, paint it onto joints and then wait for it to dry—saving time and money.
  • Unlike epoxy patching, there are no ambient temperature limitations to consider when applying SpliceSeal™.
  • SpliceSeal™ creates no hazardous wastes that must be disposed of.

US Partent #6,265,065