1399 Park Ave. New York, NY

Meet the North Park Tower, a modern-meets-classic “72-unit glass and architectural-grade concrete tower” with unparalleled New York views.

Our SuperTie™ ¾” Fiberglass Coil Rods were closely used with PERI’s DOMINO Panel Formwork Systems to secure the concrete formwork during concrete placement and initial hydration, which resulted in the flawless architectural finishes seen below. All of RJD Industries’ fiberglass SuperTies™ are compatible with PERI forms, as well as anything from handset wall forms to crane-set gang-form systems, so you no longer will have to deal with the limitations of steel form-tie systems like rusting, break back removal, or snap-tie cone patching.

Formwork Systems — PERI
Architect — Hill & West Architects
General Contractor — Glenwood Construction
Subcontractor — Gotham Structures

Products Used
RJD Industries SuperTie™ ¾” Fiberglass Coil Rods
PERI DOMINO Panel Formwork



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April 19, 2017